reportingStatistical Analysis

Our statistical services include: Protocol design, Sample size investigations, Statistical analysis plans and table shells, Application of analytical methods and Production of statistical reports.

We routinely integrate databases from multiple projects, undertake meta analyses and produce Integrated Safety Summaries. We also undertake Interim Analyses providing information on a regular basis to DSMBs.

We also provide expert reports and 'state of the art' publication and presentation services.


Our particular strengths are:

-Adaptive Designs:

Interim analysis, Sequential analyses, Incorporation of trial changes to preserve of Type 1 error rate, Fishers combination test and Incorporation of closed testing procedures,

-Survival Analysis:
Log rank/Wilcoxon hypothesis tests, Cox's proportional hazard modelling and Kaplan-Meier survival plots,

- Non-Linear Mixed modelling analyses of sparse data
- Repeated Measures Mixed model analyses of time series data

- Meta-analyses (Fixed and Random effects) for the combination of treatment estimates from individual trials and production of forest plots.